Installation of the 900 MHz NMR Spectrometer in Ottawa; June 2005.
Photos courtesy of Victor Terskikh, manager of NMR facility. For official Site, click here.
Welcome to the NRC Magnetic Resonance Facility!
This is the new home of the 900.
The magnet arrived very early in the morning of May 31st on a flatbed truck from J.F.K. airport in New York. This may not have been the fastest route, but it was the safest. Notice the crane beside the magnet; the magnet must be lifted and lowered through an opening in the ceiling of the building.
Securing the magnet.
Pre-lift. The sun is now beginning to rise.
The magnet in-midst of transport.
What kind of magnet?
A Bruker 900 magnet!
The final product.
And, finally, the "to-be console".
Updated June 6, 2005.