The following list gives some of the programs developed by our group to deal with NMR spectra of solids. These programs are written in FORTRAN, C or C++ to run on IBM and compatible personal computers under MS-DOS. In some cases, a mathematical coprocessor is required or highly recommended.
SOLIDS: Simulation of solid-state NMR spectra.
Dipolar-Splitting Ratio: Implementation of the Dipolar-Splitting Ratio Method for analysis of dipolar-chemical shift NMR spectra. See: J. Magn. Reson. A 1994, 106, 46-56.
File Transfer: WinSock application for file transfer (FTP) under Windows, specifically designed for NMR files.
WSOLIDS: A newer version of SOLIDS, running under Windows and implementing the multiple document interface.
Herzfeld-Berger Analysis: Perform analysis of spinning-sideband intensities using the Herzfeld-Berger method.
RDD Calculator: A Windows tool implementing a Periodic Table, list of nuclear properties, and calculator for dipolar coupling constants.
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